Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prairie Thunder Hockey Game

Grandpa Joe got some tickets to the Prairie Thunder Hockey game last night and since Paul really didn't want to go I took Clayton. I love hockey and it was so much fun sharing that with Clayton at his first game. It was fun watching him too, at first he just watched while I explained a little bit of the game and what they were doing. Then he really got into it and he loved all the music they played between the periods. He also loved the cheerleaders, so much that he refused to go potty until they were done. We were so excited as the Thunder scored 6 goals, but one of the funniest moments happened when the Generals scored their first goal and Clayton looked over at us and said "That was not nice!!!" We all died laughing. It was so much fun watching him get all excited when our team scored or came close to scoring. The final score was the 6-2. The Thunder Won! What a great first game for Clayton he even asked if we could go again tomorrow night.

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The Dogs said...

YEA! I am so glad you got to take Clayton with you. I forgot how much you enjoyed hockey. Looks like a really nice mother/son outing.

HAve a good weekend.