Thursday, August 21, 2008

First day of Kindergarten

It's so hard to believe that 5 yrs have gone by and Clayton is starting Kindergarten. Today was his first day and he did great. We walked into the building and he showed Eli where his classroom was. The teacher had us stay for story time, she read the book "The Kissing Hand" which is about a little raccoon going to school for the first time. The mommy raccoon kisses the little raccoons hand and draws a heart on his hand and tells him that she will always be with him in his heart. After the story Mrs. Henderson gave us heart stickers to give to our children. Clayton wouldn't let me put it on his hand after I kissed his hand, but he wanted on his shirt however he made me kiss his shirt too. Here are some picture I took at the school.

Last night as I was saying good night to Clayton I asked him if he would please stop growing up so fast and he said, "I grow tall just a little bit more, alright Mommy." Then with his head slightly tilted and that smile of his that just melts your heart he gave me a big hug, a kiss and said "Good night mommy, I love you." I savored the moment as I said good night for the last time to my preschooler because today he is my big Kindergartner.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Art and Sports Camp VBS - Ben's Funny Faces

Last week was VBS and the boys had a blast. Paul ran the sound and Clayton went to sports camp for Martial Arts and Soccer. Eli went to the preschool VBS where he did lots of art projects. The last day was Family Night, Eli got his face painted like a tiger and Clayton got to go on stage and show off his new Martial Arts moves. I wish I had known he was going to be on stage because I would have taken my camera, but I didn't so oh, well. Here is a picture of them when we got home.

Ben's Funny Faces

As you can see Daddy has his hands full with these 3 boys! It's no wonder he is exhausted.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


"Look at my muscles mommy!" The boys were have a lot of fun the other day stuffing their shirts with extra clothes making muscles. It's always the simple things that make the best memories.